Who’s that lady on your arm?

She’s classy.  She’s beautiful.  She’s got an incredible body.  And she’s absolutely focused on you.  She’s your date for the evening, and she’s turning heads as you both walk into the room.

Have you ever dreamed of making an impression like that?  With a professional escort, this is possible.  What’s more, it’s safe, it’s legal, and it could actually have a lasting impression on your love life.

You may be thinking, “I don’t want to be the sort of guy who has to pay for the option of having a beautiful woman accompany him to a public event.”  Well, don’t think of it like “paying for her company.”  Think of it, instead, like, investing in your future.  What do I mean by that?

Women are pretty simple creatures.  I know that flies in the face of everything you’ve been told.  You’ve probably spent your whole life hearing that women are endlessly complex and that it’s impossible to understand them or what they want.  But the fact is that all people, both men and women, are pretty simple.  They all want pretty much the same things and they all adhere to pretty simple standards of behavior.  Women are no different than men in that case.  It’s just that we tend to forget because society feeds us a pretty constant stream of, pardon my French, BS.

Women want what they think they can’t have.  They want other people to see them as having what those other people can’t have, too.  It may sound childish or petty, but this is a pretty basic human motivation and we all share it.  Do you remember when you were a child, and you saw another kid playing with a toy?  Didn’t that toy become much more desirable simply because someone else had it?  Put two young children in a room with a bunch of toys and they’ll fight over the same toy rather than simply play with the ones that nobody else is using.  That, too, is human nature.

Well, women are no different.  A woman is more likely to want a man if she thinks somebody ELSE wants him.  Where women and dating are concerned, it’s all about your VALUE.  If you want to attract women, if you want to be seen as the type of man who is desirable to all women, you have to increase your perceived value as a male.  There are lots of ways to increase that value, and lots of ways that women and men both seem to think another person becomes more valuable.  To be a high-value man is to be the type of man that women want and other men want to be.  You’ve heard the old saying:  “Women want him, and men want to be him.”  It’s about image and perception as much as it is about looks.

Don’t believe me?  Imagine you’re out at a bar.  You see two guys.  One of them is reasonably good looking, but he’s alone.  Another is okay looking but not quite as handsome.  Yet that second guy has a beautiful woman in a low-cut cocktail dress hanging on his arm.  She’s laughing at his jokes.  She’s incredible to be around.  She smells nice and she has a pleasant voice.  She’s that stunner that every man pictures himself with, and there are more than a few admiring glances to go around.

Now, ask yourself:  Which of those two men is the higher-value male in your perception?  You don’t know either of them.  You’ve never met them.  You have no idea what’s going on or why.  But you form opinions based solely on what you see, and the fact is, you figure the guy with the beautiful woman MUST have something going on if he’s attracted such a woman to be with him.  We just naturally figure the man has money, or must be good in bed, or must have a really engaging personality.  The woman on his arm increases his value in our perception.

Well, what do you think his being in the presence of that beautiful woman does when other women see him?  If you were to take pictures from your date and post them to your social media accounts, what perception would you be establishing?  You would be telling any woman who saw those photos that you were the sort of man that OTHER attractive women desire, and suddenly, just like a kid who sees a toy that another child is enjoying, you become that much more desirable to the person looking.

In establishing your value as a man, it’s all about perception.  The average woman out there whom you might try to date has no way to know who you are or what you do at first glance.  All she can do is make snap judgments based on your presentation, your appearance, and your demeanor.  You may not be Brad Pitt to look at, but if you dress well and you establish yourself as a person of high value, your actual looks won’t matter.  A huge part of that high value is making sure people know you are the type of man who commands the attention of attractive women.  Hiring an escort can do that for you simply because people will be impressed by what they see.

This isn’t cheating and it isn’t creating a false impression.  It is actually establishing yourself as a man of high value by managing your image.  And, really, isn’t that what social media is all about in today’s modern era — managing your image?  There have been studies that show people use their Facebook and Twitter accounts to influence how others see them, making sure to show themselves in a positive light.  Well, why would you do that if not to make sure you have some control over how others see you and think about you?

Make sure you’re seen with a beautiful woman. Hiring an escort is investing in your image and making sure that you establish your value.  It will have tremendous benefits to your love life in the future, thanks to the perception you have created.