This “Fat Acceptance” Thing Has To Stop

As much as it pains me to have to revisit this issue, it’s time we talked about a very important issue when it comes to women. Women are wonderful. Women are wonderful specifically because they have the power to be beautiful and sexy. Without women, without beautiful women, where would the world be? It would be a pretty depressing place, that’s for sure. But there is a societal movement that is conspiring to rob us of the most beautiful women. It’s a movement that is destroying beauty in the world by making it acceptable to women an to men for women to be disgusting and fat. The idea is that women are supposed to be “beautiful at every size.” We’re supposed to accept them and love them even if they are huge, fat, and ugly. Of course, the same acceptance is never extended to men.

Women have songs and cultural movements devoted to the idea that it’s okay for them to be fat. Have you ever seen galleries of pictures online devoted to beautiful women who are fat now? It’s a tragedy to see great looking women who have let themselves go. Nothing is sadder than a once super-hot, smoking chick who is now just a lump, an ordinary girl who has nothing to set her apart from the crowd. That is what a beautiful woman is, after all. She’s somebody special. She’s somebody who stands out from the crowd. She’s somebody who turns heads.

If it sounds shallow to complain that culture wants us to see fat, unattractive women as attractive, then you don’t understand the double standard we’re talking about, do you? It’s because women control most mass media — women and men who want to please them. That’s why the feminization of our culture has resulted in so much ridiculousness unleashed on the world. Singers talk about how it doesn’t matter how fat you are as long as you have confidence, or business like that, and women who are lazy, women who don’t want to take responsibility for their appearance, just eat it up.  But remember, we’re talking about a double standard. You’re not supposed to talk about how women don’t look good when they let themselves go, but all women can talk about when it comes to men is all the ways those men don’t measure up.

Is he bald? He’s not good enough. Is he short? He’s not good enough. Is he fat? He’s definitely not good enough. A man can always lose weight. He an even get hair transplants if he’s bald. But he can’t get much taller than a pair of lifts in his shoes… an if a woman discovered that he wore something like that, why, she’d be talking about nothing but how shallow he is. And all this is to say nothing of the fact that a man who doesn’t have means, a man who doesn’t have money, isn’t worthy of a woman’s attention in the eyes of most ladies. If you don’t have the money to take care of her, why, you might as well just go home right now. So let’s put a stake through the heart of the myth that it’s just men who are shallow, shall we? Women are just as capable of being shallow as men are capable of being.

So where does that leave us? Shallow, materialistic women are only interested in what they can get from men, it seems. Yet society keeps telling them that it’s okay for them to be fat. And worse, it keeps telling US that we’re supposed to accept them at any size. Why, we’re shallow and cruel if we think they’re fat. The phenomenon of the “plus size model” is a great illustration of this concept. Have you seen the famous plus size model who is in the news lately? She has kind of a pretty face, sure, but her body is terrible. Most fashion models are too skinny. A curvier woman, a woman who has a great, banging body, is preferable to some of the anorexic, stick-thin fashion models who walk the runways these days… but that’s not what society is talking about when it tells us all about “curves.” The term “curves” is being so misused by people who want to justify and make excuses for female fatness.

Real women have curves, yes… but those curves are the curves of their taut stomachs, their round rear ends, their ample chests. A woman who has let herself become bloated and distorted by too much fat is not attractive no matter what magazines and websites tell you. And what’s more, they hate the fact that they cannot force us to believe that fat is beautiful. Oh, they want to. They want us to buy it. They want us to accept the lie that a fat woman is just as attractive as a woman who is in shape. But it’s not true, and it will never true, and you can’t force a man to see something as attractive that he really doesn’t.

That’s the thing. Men will always be attracted to hot women like the women on the pages of this website. They will always want women who are attractive like Vegas escorts. They will never decide that fat is sexy no matter how much we tell them that they “hate women” or are “misogynists” for thinking otherwise. The whole “fat acceptance” thing, and the idea that any criticism of a woman who has let herself go, any thought that she is not as attractive as a woman who takes care of herself, is “fat shaming,” has to stop. If it doesn’t we will be swimming in ugly women and have nothing worth going on for. All men love attractive women. They are the engine that drives the world, and the reason we all keep on going. But if there are only unattractive women left, what would be the point?

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