Frequently Asked Questions About Las Vegas Escorts

Q. Is it legal to get a Las Vegas escort?
A. While we are not attorneys, we are a legal business that follows the law. You can check the Nevada law to verify, but as of now escorts in Las Vegas are completely legal. It is extremely important that you also check the local laws and regulations where you reside. The Internet makes it difficult to know how the law applies to you and precisely your location, sometimes. If you are viewing this site in another state, for example, you cannot make arrangements for your escort until you have traveled to Nevada to a location where escort services are legal, if escort services are not, in fact, legal where you reside. Again, we cannot give you legal advice; we can only follow the law to the best of our ability, and always conduct ourselves according to strict legal standards. We believe very strongly in always conducting ourselves in accordance with all applicable legal statutes.

Q. Will anyone know that I bought a Las Vegas escort?
A. Not unless you tell them. All of our bookings are discreet.

By this we mean that you can trust us not to reveal your business with us to anyone else, nor will we ever sell our sales data to telemarketers, researchers, or any other outside entity. We believe that your business is your own, and when you choose to engage with us, we will treat you with the respect and the courtesy you deserve. That means not sharing what you do or who you do it with to anyone else… but there’s something more implied, and we want to take a moment to reassure you where our commitment to excellence in customer service is concerned.

These days, it seems like every celebrity has some kind of minor sex scandal to contend with. This is because these people live in a fish bowl and everything they do is public. Have you had this fear? Have you worried that when you hire an escort, suddenly your life will be on display, like Hugh Grant when he made the mistake of engaging the services of a less-than-discreet street walker?

Well, our business is nothing like that. Not only is what we do completely legal, but we always conduct yourselves according to this high standard of professionalism and discretion. Your privacy is our primary concern, because when you feel your privacy is being protected, you are much more likely to be comfortable. When you are comfortable, you are going to enjoy yourself more, and the more you enjoy yourself, the more gratifying your escort experience will be. That translates into repeat business, as you seek to recapture what you’ve just had (and we think you will agree that your escort experience was very special indeed). So it really is in our best interests to treat you fairly, well, and with utmost regard for your privacy.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A. We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Again, we will not sell any sales data to any marketing research firm. Your business transaction is discreet and private and will stay that way, before, during, and after your customer experience with us.

Q. Where do most people hang out with Las Vegas escorts?
A. That’s up to you, obviously, but most people hang out either in their hotel, home, or they go out to dinner and drinks.

Really, though, if you are engaging the services of a beautiful, professional escort, we think you owe it to yourself to go out on the town. There’s a very specific reason for this. Why do people hire the services of an escort? They typically do it because they want a drama-free experience, no-strings-attached, with an incredibly beautiful woman, perhaps even a woman more beautiful than any they have personally taken out on a date in their “ordinary” life. When you have such a high-class lady on your arm, we think you would really enjoy the thrill of being seen with her. A man who is seen in the company of a beautiful woman automatically is valued more highly by OTHER women who see him. This has to do with how women perceive value in a mate as a function of competition.

You know those silly dating shows, where a single man picks from a bunch of other attractive women, choosing to send one or two home every episode until finally he has just the one left? Have you ever wondered why any one guy would be so desirable to so many women, who could probably do better if they just tried to find another man? Well, those shows work because women are naturally competitive. It isn’t necessarily that each one of those women wants to be with that specific guy. It’s just that she wants to know she is worthy of being chosen. She wants to know she ranks higher than those other women.

Well, that same competitive streak in women, which is really genetic and deep down in all females’ brains, kicks in when they see you with a beautiful woman. Automatically a man in whom our girl wasn’t interested at all a minute ago becomes very interested if she thinks another beautiful women wants him. The logic goes like this: “If that beautiful woman sees a reason to be with that man, he must have some value, some quality I don’t know about just by looking at him. Therefore he is someone I want to be with, too.” And she may just want to “be with” that man to know that she is valuable enough to be chosen. In other words, she sees an attractive woman on your arm and she automatically wants to know she is considered that attractive… and that she can win a high-value male who is sought after by other beautiful women, namely you.

What this means is that your encounter with your escort can be as private or as public as you’d like to make it, but we see a real benefit in you hitting the town with this gorgeous, classy, sexy lady on your arm. Your esteem among the female population automatically goes up when you are seen out with such a woman. And you will gain valuable experience when it comes to wining and dining attractive women. You will quickly become a “player” of the highest order, learning to be comfortable and confident around the most beautiful dates available. What that means is that if you start dating “ordinary” women again, you’ll be incredibly handy. You’ll pick up other women with ease and you’ll be comfortable and confident when you’re around them. Nothing turns a woman on better than a confident man. Women really admire confidence like that and they will respond accordingly to your experience with the female of the species.

Q. How long do most people book a Las Vegas escort for?
A. That’s up to you, but most people book our Las Vegas escorts for 2-3 hours. Some book only an hour, while other patrons book several days, yes!, several days! But again, the average duration of dates is about 2-3 hours.

What you should do is look at your escort experience in the context of an ordinary date. How long does a typical date last? You pick up your lady, take her out for dinner and dancing or a movie, take her home for some closer, more intimate time together, and then eventually she either leaves (or she doesn’t). The amount of time you actually spend talking and engaging in activities is around two or three hours, but your individual experience can differ and you may have something much more long-term in mind. This is where our service is especially valuable to you, because we make sure to tailor your escort experience directly to your needs and your wants. If we aren’t tailoring the experience to what you want, all you have to do is tell us. We are a service company in a service industry. We succeed or fail based on how well we answer what our customers want. Your desires are our commands, within reason. So just let us know what it is you’re thinking about and we’ll come to terms that are mutually agreeable in terms of time/duration and price for the booking.

Q. Do you offer any type of discounts?
A. If you decide to book more than one escort in a day or night then we may be able to provide a discount on the second escort. And yes, many guys book two escorts at once because it’s MORE than just twice the fun!

Let’s be completely honest: It is many a man’s fantasy to be with more than one beautiful woman at the same time. What do we think of when we think of those movie and television characters who are the biggest “players” of them all? Such characters almost always show up not with one beautiful woman, but with a beautiful woman on each arm. The idea is that this man is such a stud, such a smooth individual, that just one hot date isn’t enough for him. He has two women with him because he’s just that awesome. Don’t be afraid to look into these quantity discounts as a type of fantasy fulfillment. With two or even more escorts at your beck and call, you could really roll out onto the town, then back to your hotel or home, in style like no man you’ve ever met has been able to accomplishing during your adult memory. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate you.

Q. Is it ok to introduce an escort to my friends or family?
A. While most customers typically don’t introduce their sexy escort date with their friends and family, that’s completely up to you AND the Vegas escort you book. If she is uncomfortable meeting your friends or family then you should respect that and not introduce her. If she’s OK with it, then by all means introduce her.

That’s one of the reasons you have your choice of escorts when you make arrangements with us. The idea is that you can choose a lady whose personality and level of comfort with some of your more unusual requests matches nicely with your expectations. We want you to enjoy yourself. We know that when you are not comfortable or your date is not comfortable the date simply isn’t going to gel for either of you. Nobody wants to feel like they are out with somebody who is not happy. We do everything possible to avoid that feeling. We want your escort experience to be as enjoyable as it can be for whatever scenario you’re thinking of. You just need to communicate to us what you want, and then we can work with you to make appropriate arrangements. Also, don’t underestimate the power of simply talking to your escort and asking her what she is okay with. A lot of our girls may surprise you with just how adaptable and flexible they can be. After all, that is the nature of the profession in which they are engaged… and they, just like us, want you to be happy.

Q. Can I book more than 1 Vegas escort at the same time?
A. Yes! Absolutely! And we actually recommend booking multiple Las Vegas escorts at the same time for what ends up being MORE than TWICE the fun as just one! Practically every man’s dream is being with two hot babes at once, so now that you’re in Las Vegas why not take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime? Read more about booking multiple Vegas escorts by checking out this article we wrote on the exact same subject:

We also talked about this in our answer to the question about discounts. When you book more than one escort, you’re going to get a discount on that second and even third girl. We are here to fulfill your fantasies, and if one of those is being in the company of more than one beautiful woman at the same time, we are happy to do what we can to make that a reality.

Q. What is My Vegas Escort all about?
A. We are all about providing you, our clients, with the best in Las Vegas escorts to party, play and have fun with. All of our girls have a serious streak of adventure that makes them the ideal companion for a variety of different events. Our girls are just as comfortable at a five star restaurant as they are at a baseball game.

We provide the girls and the fun, you provide the ideas and direction that you want the encounter with your escort to go. No matter what you might have in mind, My Vegas Escort can help you experience it.

You can choose the one who is best suited to you, your personality, and your preferred scenario for your time with her. This is one of the reasons we offer more than one young lady and we give you the opportunity to choose ahead of time. Making these choices allows us (and you) to line up the best possible chance for a great night out (or at home) that satisfies you both and makes you both happy.

We can’t stress enough that all you have to do is contact us and communicate with us about what you want. You’ll never have to feel nervous or awkward, and nothing you say to us will be dismissed or made fun of. We will never judge you and we will help you make your dreams come true. Even if this isn’t the end-all, be-all experience of a woman, and just a way for you to spend some casual time with an attractive lady, we are okay with that (and so is she). We just want you to be satisfied and hopefully come back and use our services again.

Q. Do I have to be a resident of Las Vegas or Nevada to use your services?
A. Definitely not. In fact, there are a number of men who come to the city either on business or to spend time at the casinos who use our services. Some of these men might want a companion with them while they stay overnight in the city while others might just want a vivacious and bouncy cheering section to accompany them during their time at the casinos. Either way, the choice is yours.

We want your visit to the city to be best possible experience it can be. You have heard the tourist slogans. Well, we are about more than slogans. We want you to leave Nevada happy you were here and with plenty of memories to fuel your desire to return.

Q. Due to my personal life or business connections, I must maintain a low profile with a great deal of discretion. Is my privacy protected at My Vegas Escort?
A. We take your privacy very seriously and provide you with a great deal of discretion. Our escorts will never identify themselves as such unless you introduce them in that manner first. Regardless of which girl you hire, they dress discreetly in ways that are appropriate for the activities you have planned. If you have specific clothing needs – for example, if you want an escort to accompany you out of town where you will be attending a black tie dinner one night and then going for a hike the next day or if you have an appreciation for a certain type of dress-up outfit – please contact our customer service team.

By providing them with as many details as possible, you will help your escort know what – if any – special items she must pack that day. Communication is the key to making your experience the best possible it can be. We just need to know what you are looking for so we can address all of your needs.

Q. Wow! You have a lot of gorgeous girls on your site but I don’t see exactly what I’m looking for.
A. Contact us and we can help you find that girl that will make your blood pump. Use whichever method that works the best for you – via the telephone or email using our contact form – and let us know exactly what you are looking for. Due to a limited amount of space, we are only able to feature a limited number of women on our website. We have access to a much larger pool of ladies though and welcome the opportunity to match you up with the perfect one.

Whatever makes you happy makes us happy, so get the process started right now by contacting us. We can’t do a thing until you start talking to us, and then, once you do, we will make sure that you get everything you want, as you want it.

Q. I have never used an escort service before so I don’t know how it works.
A. The process of spending time with the beautiful girl of your dreams is really pretty simple. The basic steps consist of you looking through our selection of girls. Once you find a lady you like, simply give us a call or shoot us an email using our contact form. Be sure to include the name of the escort you are interested in as well as your preferred scheduling appointments and where you want her to meet you. In many cases, we can have a gorgeous, hot and horny babe show up on your doorstep in 30 minutes or less.

Q. Do you take special requests? How do you handle those?
A. We thrive on special requests. This is because we know that no two men are alike and we want to provide our clients with the experience of a lifetime. Whether you want to cavort with a naughty nurse or you plan to enjoy the company of two of our lovely ladies, we can easily arrange it. That being said, it is necessary for us to have ample notification of any special requests that you might have.

We need to know what you have in mind for our escorts. This gives them the opportunity to show up with that perfectly starched nurses uniform with the plunging neckline, for example. If you want to have fun with two of our beautiful ladies – one of our most popular requests by the way! – then we need to coordinate between our girls to ensure that everyone’s schedules mesh well. This is especially true if you want to request a particular escort.

Q. How is My Vegas Escort different from the rest?
A. There are many ways that My Vegas Escort is different from the rest. For one thing, when it comes to brothels, My Vegas Escort provides you with a much more personalized experience that allows you to meld convenience with affordability Unlike a brothel where you must go to the girls to enjoy their companionship, at My Vegas Escort, our escorts come to you. You decide where she will meet you and the time. If you do not feel like leaving your hotel room or home, for example, she will simply meet you there. On the other hand, you can have her meet you at your favorite nightclub without any additional planning measures on your part.

When it comes to other escort agencies, My Vegas Escort is different as well. For one thing, we have a selection of women that is unlike that of any other agency. Our women have been deemed some of the most beautiful women in the entire world. If you do not believe us, simply take a look at the girls on our website. That is just a small sampling of the girls we have available for you to choose from.

We also pride ourselves on providing the best in customer service. When it comes to answering your questions or concerns, no question is too large or too small. We welcome them all in an effort to provide you with the customer service you deserve. Why do we strive to give you the best possible customer service? Because without that crucial element, we cannot know what your desires are.

Our customer service team is available to you – via email and phone – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do this so that you can provide us with the information we need to match you up with the right escort. It is only with that knowledge that we are able to ensure that your experience matches with your desires.

Q. How do you choose your escorts?
A. Becoming an escort with My Vegas Escort is a highly competitive experience. As one of the cities that boasts some of the most beautiful women in the world, we are constantly bombarded with requests and inquiries from women who are interested in joining our team. As much as we would like to take them all – and we really hate to disappoint them – we have very high standards that all of our escorts must meet. In many cases, our escorts exceed those standards.

First – and it almost goes without saying but we will say it anyway – our Las Vegas escorts have to be beautiful. We do not simply mean that they need to be pretty or pleasant to look at. We mean that their looks must make men and women turn their heads and stare whenever they enter the room.

However, beauty is not enough for a woman to earn a place on the roster of My Vegas Escort. We also look for women who have a great deal of energy and stamina. When they apply, we like to look at the extracurricular activities that are active such as jogging, swimming or yoga. We also expect our women to be toned and to have a good weight. By a good weight though we do not necessarily mean model thin. In fact, many men prefer women who have curves. This gives them something to play with and to enjoy looking at while they are spending time with our escorts.

Q. When should I book an escort from My Vegas Escort?
A. That is completely up to you and the answer will vary depending on your mood and your circumstances. My Vegas Escort is open for business 24 hours each and every day, 7 days a week. Yes, you read that right. You can get time with one of our beautiful, sexy and attentive escort any day or night of the week.

Because of the way My Vegas Escort is set up, it is possible to contact us and within 30 minutes be greeting your chosen escort at your hotel room door. That means that if you get those sudden urges in the middle of the night, you do not have to ignore them or put them off. Instead you can be satiated at the time the mood strikes you without having to wait around.

If you see a particular escort on our website that strikes your fancy, it is a good idea to contact us ahead of time. In many cases, our more popular escorts often see their schedules fill up so they might find it difficult to fit you in if you need to have some company from a woman suddenly. In addition, if you have any special circumstances might involve extra props, travel time or clothing changes, it is best to contact us so that we can work them out and be prepared.

Q. How much does it cost to hire a Las Vegas Escort?
A. Our Las Vegas escorts have fees that vary depending on the circumstances. For example, if you want to book more than one escort within a day or night, we offer you a generous discount. We do this because we know that having the attentions of more than one woman is a very popular fantasy for men and we want to make our clients happy.

The best way to find out the fees that our girls charge is by giving us a call or sending us an email. Be sure to include as much detail as possible so that we can give you an accurate fee estimate. Include details such as the girl you are interested in, the dates and times you want to enjoy her companionship, the duration of the time you are planning and if you want to have more than one girl.

Q. This is my first time exploring the possibility of using an escort service so I am a little nervous. Do you cater to first timers?
A. Yes we do! We love first timers here at My Vegas Escorts. Usually this means that you are going to come to our agency without having any experiences at all at other agencies. While some escort agencies only seem interested in making a quick buck, we actually prefer to form long term and long lasting relationships with our clients. We want them to know that we are an open minded escort agency who is focused on providing what our clients need.

For the first time user of our escort agency, that means you will be treated with a great deal of understanding and open mindedness. We know that each of our clients comes from a unique background and we respect all of their many differences. Our escorts are excited to be able to introduce you to the wonderful world of having a beautiful and eager lady who is ready to make you feel very satisfied.

Beginning with your first interactions with our customer service team, you will find them understanding and eager to help you enjoy your experience. Our escorts are outgoing and possess a great deal of personality. They will have you laughing and feeling relaxed within just a few minutes of spending time with them.

Q. How exactly do you go about protecting my privacy?
A. In this day and age of smart phones with technologically advanced cameras that can take extremely detailed pictures and videos in all sorts of situations, it is understandable that you might be concerned about your privacy. At My Vegas Escorts though we want you to know that we take many precautions that are designed to protect your privacy regardless of how you might be spending your time with the escort that you chose.

We approach this issue from multiple fronts so that we can help ensure that your needs are met. For starters, we will never approach you and suggest that you contact us for all of your female companionship needs. You will be the one to initiate contact with us. You will choose when to do so and by which method.

There is a reason why we offer two quick and easy ways to get in touch with us. We realize that making a phone call might not be the best way for all of our clients to contact us. This is why we also provide a method to contact us using email. This is also why we provide you with the same highly responsive customer service regardless of how you choose to contact us.

The other method that we use to provide you with the privacy that you need involves our escorts. Whether you want your escort to meet you at your hotel room and the only person she will see is the front desk staff or you want her to meet you at your favorite restaurant for dinner and drinks, you can be sure of the same reaction for the escort that you choose.

Unless you bring it up and talk about it with other people, our escorts will never say anything to anybody about the details of why they are there with you or that they are an escort or anything like that. Frankly it is no one’s business except your own. Your escort will practice the utmost in discretion and will never divulge the relationship status between the two of you.

She will follow your cues when it comes to interacting with other people. For example, if you introduce her to people as your date or your girlfriend, she will follow suit and play that role. If, on the other hand, you simply decide not to introduce her at all, that is perfectly fine as well. This experience with our escorts is something that places the ball wholly in your court. You are in total control of the situation the entire time.

A third way that we help protect your privacy is by giving you a variety of different ways to pay for the services of our escorts. In addition to accepting all major credits cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express – so that you can choose to pay using the one that allows you the most privacy, we also accept cash. By paying for the services of your escort with cash, there will be no paper trail that can be traced back to you.

Q. How do you handle special requests?
A. If you have a special request, we ask that you tell us as soon as possible. This allows us to provide you feedback and enables us to work out the details about your request. While some requests might be easy to carry out – for example, if you want your Las Vegas escort to wear a particular outfit and you are scheduling her enough time to go and get her wardrobe collection – or they can be more involved – such as when you want to have two particular escorts meet you at your hotel room in 30 minutes. In either case, the more quickly we know about it, the smoother the process of making your special request a reality can occur.

Q. I saw on your website that you can have an escort to me in just 30 minutes. How is this possible?
A. We have many Las Vegas escorts that are highlighted on our website. That does not mean that those are the only girls that we have access to. Instead, we have connections with Las Vegas escorts that are located throughout the entire city. One of the reasons why our escorts love their jobs – besides the fact that they can caress, nibble, and flirt with our clients – is that they have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to working.

Chances are that if you want a particular escort to show up at your door in 30 minutes, we can provide that for you. If it happens that the particular escort that you have chosen is booked up, then we provide you with some other suggestions that will meet your needs.

While the service we provide isn’t quite like ordering a pizza, it doesn’t need to be complicated. We can make sure your needs are met. You just have to open up to us, talk to us, and help us to help you.