That afternoon, David moped about the office, taking yet another depressing survey of his life.  He was in his mid-thirties, reasonably fit, reasonably good looking, with an average face.  His black hair was starting to recede from his Continue reading

“I’m telling you,” Kevin said, his whole body animated as he waved his arms in vaguely combative gestures, “you have to be willing to kick some ass if you want any respect in this world.”

“Kevin,” David interrupted, “I am Continue reading

One of my favorite TV shows used to be this old program called “Cheaters.”  It was your typical sleazy reality show. And by typical sleazy reality show, I mean that they used to put people in situations that were Continue reading

A man is defined by his strong handshake.  Men spend a lot of time, in fact, thinking about and instructing others on the proper firm handshake.  There are so many ways to do it wrong.  A guy Continue reading

Earlier this month we talked about one of the benefits of hiring a beautiful, professional, Vegas-area escort.  When you step out on the town with a beautiful, classy woman on your arm, you are declaring to the world your Continue reading

She’s classy.  She’s beautiful.  She’s got an incredible body.  And she’s absolutely focused on you.  She’s your date for the evening, and she’s turning heads as you both walk into the room.

Have you ever dreamed Continue reading

De-stress With An Escort

The many hazards of stress are well documented in plenty of medical journals. Not only can stress cause you to be short-tempered with people around you, it can also set you up for plenty of health problems, such as high Continue reading

Finding the best Escorts in Vegas

Las Vegas Escorts Jen 3So you’re in Las Vegas or planning on visiting Vegas and you want to take your trip from awesome to insanely awesome! Well, booking an escort is definitely the right decision considering that Vegas is home to some of the Continue reading