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    We make booking a sexy Vegas escort quick and easy. At My Vegas Escort, we know how busy you are so we offer two fast and simple ways to get the girl you want, when you want her. You can either use our simple contact form that we have included below or give us a call to set up a reservation for a hot Vegas escort.

    We provide two ways to communicate with us so that your privacy can be protected. We realize that you might not have the privacy to carry on a long personal phone conversation while you are at work but that you might have access to your personal email or vice versa. When filling out our contact form, remember to give us a valid email address if that is how you want us to contact you in the future.

    We encourage you to fully utilize the message box on our contact form. This is the ideal place to note any special details that you think we should know about. For example, if this is your first time using an escort service, the message area is a good place to note this information. Similarly, if you have any special requests – we get lots of inquiries from men asking us about hiring two escorts – our message box is the ideal place to bring this up.

    Of course, you can also contact us via phone to discuss the specifics of your time with one of our escorts. We will always respect your privacy and will never share your information. For example, even though our contact form has a place for your phone number, if you would rather that we communicate with us only via email, simply note that in the message box or omit your phone number altogether.

    At My Vegas Escort, we know that your privacy is not the only thing you might need to protect. Many of our clients have never used an escort service before so they often have many questions and some concerns about the entire process – and understandably so. Our customer service team has been cultivated for its non-judgmental attitude and helpful manner. We want you to feel comfortable when you are talking with us about this highly personalized matter.

    One area of concern that some men find themselves holding back – and this can adversely affect their enjoy of their time with one of our gorgeous gals – is in the area of fantasies. At My Vegas Escorts, we realize that men have a wide range of fantasies and we encourage the sharing of this information with our customer service staff. The staff is not there to judge you. Instead, they act as facilitators when it comes to helping you realize your fantasies and desires. Our escorts want to work closely with you so that you are able to have the best experience with them possible.

    Imagine that you were told that you could have anything in the world you wanted that turned you on. That you could imagine anything at all, and then whatever you described, whatever you revealed, would then be made to happen in reality for you. This would be the ultimate in wish-fulfillment, in the gratification of a personal fantasy. It would, frankly, be unlike anything you had previously experienced, because by their very natures, fantasies are unlike anything you have had before. They are the things that you have always wanted, the things that you picture wanting, that have never become reality for you. That is why fantasies can be so strong.

    Take, for example, the fantasy of being with a woman in a nurse’s uniform. This is such a common fantasy that there are entire adult movies devoted to it. Something about a woman in uniform, that tight white skirt, that little hat, a stethoscope around her neck… something about that fantasy speaks to a lot of men. They like the idea of a woman who is solely devoted to taking care of them. The concept of “healing” comes in the form of erotic healing, in the case of a fantasy like that. And it’s a given that most men, in their lives, have never had a girlfriend or wife cooperative enough to dress in such a costume. Let’s be terribly frank about that: Most women, most women whose profession is not the fulfillment of men’s fantasies, of making men feel good, don’t feel obligated to do that. They like what they like, sure, but when it comes to their man, they probably judge what he asks for. If one of his fantasies is a bit too much for them, or they don’t like the idea of cooperating with it, they make the terrible mistake of saying so. So let’s say a man reveals to his girlfriend that he has always had this fantasy… and she rejects it. She tells him that’s silly and, what’s more, she should enough for him just as she is. She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t think she is sexy enough on her own. Why should she wear silly costumes for him?

    Before you know it, that couple has just had a fight. They are fighting now because she has gotten her feelings hurt. He made the mistake of opening up to her, of telling her what he wanted, and she reinterpreted that as expressing a lack of desire in her, or a dissatisfaction with her. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. A man can love his wife or girlfriend but still have very specific fantasies, things that he has not been able to experience but that he would like to experience. We’ve used the nurse uniform as an example because it is a common fantasy that some men have (and one that is relatively tame enough, allowing us to discuss it here). But the fantasy could be absolutely anything. What is the desire that lurks in your heart? What is the thing you want that you have never been able to experience… and that you would very much like to? Have you told anybody about this fantasy? Have you explained it to someone you were with? How did they react? If they rejected that fantasy, how did it make you feel?

    The problem with women rejecting their men’s fantasies is that when this happens, the male mind makes a mental note of it. A guy who has had his fantasy rejected or, worse, whose fantasy has caused problems with his wife or girlfriend, is being taught not to bring it up. He is essentially being told that his sexual gratification, his sexual fulfillment, is not as important as not giving his lady a reason to get upset over nothing. In modern relationships, it is very often the case that women spend a great deal of time being angry and upset over relatively nothing. In part this is because we live in a society full of wealth and ease. Ancient women, who were focused on keeping their children and themselves alive, had a lot less time available for criticizing the man who was providing for and protecting them. That’s not a chauvinist attitude, either. It’s just a physical fact of history.

    A man who has as fantasy who cannot fulfill that fantasy will forever be dominated by it. The longer he goes without being able to experience it, the more unhappy he will become, and the more power that fantasy will have over him. Imagine that you are a man who has chosen to hire an escort to fulfill a certain fantasy, something you have had that you never got to experience, something that you have decided you will finally act out. You describe that fantasy to the escort and she obliges you. You get to do the thing that you have always wanted to have.

    Well, now you wake up the next day and that fantasy isn’t nearly so powerful is it? Sure, you may decide that you enjoyed it so much that you will want to do it again, and that is fine. We all like what we like. Or you may discover that the fantasy doesn’t quite match up to the reality, and you’re not going to do it again because you have finally tried it and discovered what it was. If it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, wasn’t everything you built up in your head for it to be, fine. So be it. But at least you won’t have to live your life wondering. You won’t have to suffer under the yoke of never getting what you wanted. That kind of power, the power of regret, can dominate a person’s entire life.

    We said that you should imagine being given the opportunity to indulge in your fantasy. Well, now imagine that you were given the opportunity to have your fantasies fulfilled… but you held back when describing what they were. Maybe you were worried that what you wanted would be rejected, so you didn’t say it. Maybe you thought you would be judged and made fun of, or that the person to whom you are telling your fantasy just won’t understand. Well, now the terrible tragedy is not just one of a lost experience, an experience you were never able to make a reality. Now the terrible tragedy is one of lost opportunity. It may not seem obvious to you, but a lost opportunity is far worse than a lost experience. If you never happen into the circumstances for a given experience, okay, you never had that experience and you were never able to make the physical and metaphysical reality of the world line up such that thing happened. Like, if you always wanted to be a pilot, and you never actually got around to training to be a pilot or you never had the money to go to pilot’s school, okay, you missed out on that experience, if you die never having had it, that is kind of sad.

    But what if somebody offered to pay your way through pilot school? Or what if you had the money, but you just never got around to scheduling a lesson, or you were afraid you wouldn’t be good at it, so you scheduled the lesson but then canceled at the last minute? Well, that’s the tragedy, the total and utter sadness, of a missed opportunity. You could have had this thing you were dreaming about, you could have fulfilled that fantasy, but you were too afraid to take advantage of an opportunity that was right in front of you. It was as good as yours, there for the taking, but you didn’t do it. You didn’t seize the day, you didn’t have what was right there for the having. So the tragedy is one of waste. Rather than never having the chance, now you had the chance, but you blew it. Blowing a chance is worse than never having had it. A sports team that has a commanding lead heading into the first half of the game, that then starts to perform badly and loses the game by even a small margin, can be said to have lost much worse than at team that was never in the lead and that was losing the game the entire time. That’s because the team that lost its lead had the opportunity to win and blew it. They were in position to have what they wanted and just spoiled it all. That is a terrible shame. That is the kind of wasted opportunity that occurs when you don’t book your escort appointment.

    Our escorts absolutely will not judge you. They are not secretly making fun of you. They won’t talk about you after you leave. They are discreet and professional, yes, but it’s more than that. Our escorts are professionals in this field, and that means that, honestly, there is nothing you can tell them that they have not already heard. They specialize in male fantasy fulfillment, and that means that, when you come right down to it, you are their profession. Understanding you, and understanding what turns you on, is what they do for a living. They will not let you down. They will not be shocked or feel anything at all about what you tell them, except to ask themselves how they can make it happen for you. They will be focused on the fulfillment of your fantasy, not on evaluating it, or judging it, or criticizing it. Every man who has ever used our service has had some fantasy, ranging from the completely ordinary to the pretty darned wild. Our job is to make sure that all men who call us have their needs met, and our girls understand that this is their profession. They would no more reject you and your fantasy, or judge you harshly, than they would do that to themselves.

    Engaging the services of one of our escorts, you see, comes on a playing field of complete equal opportunity. People pay lip service to the idea of equality, but when you come right down to it, there are a lot of people who still conduct themselves as if we lived in a caste or class system, and that they come from the upper class, while you are something not as good, something from lower down the chain of power. Well, we are here to tell you that our escorts will always treat you as you wish to be treated. They will never look down on you. They will never behave as if their job is anything other than fulfilling your needs and desires. So few businesses do that these days that we consider ourselves one of the last bastions of true, unadulterated customer service.

    Think about that for a minute. When you go into any business, do you get the service you want? Or do you get lousy service, dished out by people who act like they are doing you a favor just by talking to you at all? It doesn’t matter where you go, either. No matter what business you walk into, you seem to encounter rude cashiers, unhelpful staff, and store employees who, when you ask them a question, act annoyed that you are distracting them from whatever it is they think are doing by actually asking them to do their jobs. This is not the customer service experience we offer. We still believe the customer is always right, and we strive to please you in all things. This is why you should book with us right now, today. Don’t put it off. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t give up on having what you want, what you have always wanted. True fantasy fulfillment, true fulfillment of your deepest needs and desires, is just a booking away. We want you to have everything you’d like to have. We are here to serve you.