Story Time: Standing Up, Part 4 of 4

The young man turned on David and looked down at him.  “Who’s going to make me, faggot?” he said menacingly.  “You?”

Oh, shit, David thought.  Now I’ve done it.  He thought about leaving, about taking Dana and getting out of there.  Was that cowardly?  Even as the thought entered his mind, he realized it wasn’t fair.  Why should he run?  He’d done nothing wrong.  This guy was acting like a jerk.  Why should he get away with it?

What would Kevin do? David asked himself again.  Why, he’d kick that guy’s ass.  That’s what he’d do.

Without giving it further consideration, David drove his knee as hard as he could into the young man’s crotch.

The big man fell as if pole-axed.  David looked down at his handiwork, amazed at what had just happened.

“We should go,” Dana said, grabbing his arm.  David let the younger woman lead him out of the bar.  Outside, she flagged a passing taxi.

“What about Rachel and Carla?” David thought to ask.

“They’ll get their own cab,” Dana said.  “None of us should be driving, anyway.”

“I’m so sorry about that,” David said, sitting back against the wide bench seat as Dana gave the driver her address.  “I just couldn’t think what else to do, and—”

Dana grabbed him by the face and pressed her lips hungrily to his, her tongue thrusting into his mouth.

“Oh my God, Dave,” she said when she came up for air, her lips wet.  “Nobody’s ever fought over me before.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Mad?” she said, shocked, her hands sliding down to his chest.  “Are you kidding?  Do you do that kind of thing a lot?”

“What, get into bar fights?”

Dana nodded.

“Well, no, not often,” David said.  It was only then that it dawned on him what had just happened, the realization cutting through the alcohol haze.  This incredibly hot woman just kissed me, he thought.  Then another thought came to him.

I just kicked another guy’s ass.

He had always been one of those people prone to slogans like, “Violence never solved anything.”  He was starting to see just what Kevin had been getting at, however.  He didn’t feel upset, nor was he really worried about getting into trouble for what he’d done.  He’d stood up for himself and gotten away with it.  He’d used violence against an obnoxious asshole who had it coming.  He was a man.  He was a fighter.  He was—

He was getting felt up by a woman who was not his wife.

Dana’s hands were roaming over his groin, her slender fingers caressing and cupping him through the fabric of his Dockers.  Her breasts, still pushing against the fragile fabric of her sweater, pressed against his chest.   The taxi pulled into the driveway of an apartment complex.

“Come in with me,” she breathed hotly.

David, his mind numb to everything except the pleasure she was giving him, could only nod.  He let her take his hand and lead him into her apartment, where she closed, locked, and chained the door behind him.  Then she was pushing him towards the futon in her living room, shoving him down onto it, pulling at his belt and fighting with the buckle.

“Let me help you,” David said.  Dana shook her head, pulling the buckle apart, freeing him.  His cock, already straining against his boxers, pushed free through the fly.  She smiled up at him as she caressed the hot shaft in both hands.

“Let me help you,” she said playfully.  Then her full, sensuous lips were on him as she sucked the head of his penis into her mouth, flicking her tongue over the head and biting down softly.  David groaned as she took him deeper into her mouth.  Then she was moving, slowly at first, her rhythm quickening as David began to respond.  He grabbed the back of her head, her lustrous hair spilling between his fingers as he fucked her face.  She squealed with delight as he began to cum in her mouth.  Shuddering, he was overwhelmed with waves of pleasure as she kept sucking long after his climax.  The tingling, almost painful feeling crept up from his groin and washed over him.  He lay back on the futon as she finally released his shrinking penis, smiling at him.

“Dana,” he said.  “That was—”

“We’re not done yet,” she said thickly.  Then she was shrugging out of her clothes, the little sweater peeling off to reveal her almost see-through blouse.  David eagerly helped her out of that and then tugged at her tight jeans as she wriggled out of them.  The lacy, cream-colored bra she wore matched the thong panties that barely concealed her sex.  David was awed as he took in the graceful curves of her hips and thighs, accentuated by the strap of the barely-there g-string.  Her stomach was flat and taut, her breasts as incredible as he’d pictured in his mind.  He was almost shaking as he struggled with the front clasp of her bra, finally unsnapping it and placing his hands on her.  It was every bit as wonderful as he’d imagined.  As in his fantasy, her nipples began to harden at his touch.

With her hands she gently urged him down.  He bent to her, sliding the flimsy panties off, aroused again at the smell of her, at the welcoming wetness he found.  Cautiously at first, and then with abandon, he probed her, using the soft underside of his tongue to tease her as he lapped at her and darted within.  Then he was tonguing her clit, her hips bucking against his face as she responded with more and more urgency.  When she came, gushing over him, he drank her in.

She was still shaking as she pulled him up to her on the futon, her magnificent, young, naked body glistening with perspiration.   “Don’t stop,” she said, looking into his eyes.  “Can you?  I mean, are you…?”

David kicked off his pants, his erection already evident.  “Yes,” he said.  “You’re incredible.  I’ve never…”

“Please, just do it,” she said eagerly.

Feeling more powerful, more alive than he’d felt in years, David gently rolled her onto her stomach and then pressed his hand against the small of her back.  He slid off the futon, bracing her against it as he pushed her to a kneeling position on the floor.  Then, still holding her on the bed, he caressed her full, round hip his free hand and squeezed her bottom.  The head of his cock teased her lips for a moment before he thrust it in just far enough.  Dana gasped beneath him.  Grabbing her by both hips, he pulled her to him, thrusting home, driving himself with furious passion as he rammed her.  She groaned and then screamed, bucking against him, her fingers curled, white-knuckled, into the covering of the futon.

“Oh, David!” she moaned.  “Cum all over me!”

Part of him was surprised at her, at the lustful woman lurking under the quiet, professional mask.  David did not care.  As he used her incredible body to bring himself to the brink of climax, taking her with him, taking her, he was more than happy to do as she asked.

He could not remember when he’d… stood up… for himself quite so hard, for so long.

*          *          *


On Monday morning, David was waiting for a fax to transmit when Kevin walked up with a fax of his own.  Rachel was with him, carrying a folder.

“Hey, there he is,” Kevin said brightly.  “What about you, champ?  Did you have a good weekend?”

“I did,” David admitted.  “In fact,” he said, standing tall, “I was thinking of hitting MacGregor’s for Happy Hour again today after work.”

“Really?” Kevin said.  “Wow, man.  That’s spontaneous.”

“You want to come?” David said.

“No,” Kevin shook his head.  “My wife would kill me.”  He looked down at the fax machine and then at the sheet of paper in his hands.  “I’ll come back,” he said, and walked off.

“What about you?” David said, turning to look at Rachel.  She looked at him with renewed interest and David held her gaze.  “Care to join me?”

“I would like that,” she said, unblinking.  “Oh, wait.”

“What?” David asked, concerned she would change her mind.

“Well,” Rachel looked back at Dana’s cubicle, then to David again.  “It wouldn’t be right not to invite Dana to come with us.”  She reached out and, very quickly, touched him lightly on the arm.  Then she walked away, pausing to glance back at him as she went.

“No,” David said quietly to himself.  “I wouldn’t want to be unfair.”