Meet Our Girls: Violet

Beautiful Violent is in her mid-twenties. She is an amazing looking girl who instantly turns heads whenever she walks into a room. She is elegance and sensuality defined, making her just the perfect female companion for those of you looking for a beautiful young woman to spend some time with. The fact is, Violet can give you an amazing night on the town… or spend some time getting to know you in a more intimate setting.

Every single one of the girls who work here is a sight to behold, but we think Violet is particularly special. She loves to place herself in the thick of things. She is a very intelligent young girl, and she considers herself very up on the latest trends in the literature world. She can carry on a conversation on a wide variety of things and is happy to share with you how stimulating and interesting she can be. Through it all, she is always friendly and never obnoxious, and she knows how to put people at ease when she spends time with them. She prides herself on being able to make a wide variety of people comfortable, no matter what.

We know that different men appreciate different looks, but just about any man will appreciate Violet’s incredible good looks. She is a Latina with plenty of lustrous, long dark hair. She has a beautifully curvy body that has all the right contours in all the right places. She’s got a nice tight waist, an ample rear end, and perfect legs to round out her 5’6” body.  We like to think of Violet not just as classy, but also as elegant. She is sensuality made real and, to round out the perfect time she’s able to offer, she’s also a bisexual who enjoys the company of women as well as men.  Most men would be more than happy to have Violet’s attentions, and when you book with her, that is what you are getting. You get her undivided attention for the duration of your booking, something that most men can only dream about.

Every bit as lovely as her namesake, Violet has stunning skin, dark eyes, and the beautiful bone structure to go with them. She definitely has a fun-loving and wild side to her nature. She has embraced the party lifestyle of an escort and loves to immerse herself in the nightlife and the fun that so many people talk about when they come to visit the city. Men and women alike will enjoy the time of their lives when they book Violet’s time… and she will not disappoint. She brings something new and exciting to every engagement, and she will see to it that you go home happy no matter what.

Violet knows that every night in Vegas is an opportunity to do something new. No matter what time of the day or night it is, Violet loves to be out enjoying the area, and she never gets tired of trying new things. She is primarily a nighttime person, but she loves the heat. Dusk is her favorite time of the day in Vegas. She likes to draw the attention of both men and women and is happiest when she is the center of that attention. She also loves to meet new people, which is why she is happiest when she is meeting someone and getting to know them.

Violet used to spend a lot of time in her local library. Her love of reading has led her to amass a variety of information on a variety of topics. She loves how she can use this information to make conversation with different people from all walks of life. Girls who can be engaging, intelligent, and fun are rare and far between in this world, so that’s one of the things that make Violet so special.  With information easier to come by in the modern age than ever before, Violet considers herself pretty lucky to be able to enjoy the advantages of all that reading.  Violet loves stories that relate a message and contain a moral, and she loves anything that makes her think. She also likes to read poetry, and has hinted that perhaps one day she’d like to write some, too.

We think you’ll find Violet is poetry in motion. She is an incredibly sexy girl  who carries herself with quiet dignity but ho can also be carefree and fun. She is a social chameleon who can truly be all things to all people, depending on the setting. If you need someone who can light up your night, you definitely need Violet, who will always be there for you when you book her and who will never let you down. She is a remarkably special girl and she knows how to please. There is a quality to her that just can’t be defined at first glance, but the more time you spend with her, the more drawn into her universe you become. She is positively hypnotic, from her beautiful body to her equally beautiful mind. Violet is the whole package, and she will show you that the greatest delights in Vegas can be had when you spend time with a Las Vegas escort.

Las Vegas escorts like Violet are the ultimate answer the question of where and how to find the female companionship you desire. Stop dating on other people’s terms and start dating on yours. You can have the time of your life, and you can experience the best that Las Vegas has to offer, when you take out a girl like Violet. She is every bit the promise you have come to expect from Las Vegas escorts, and she is more. She won’t let you down. She will never criticize you or make demands on you. She will only show you the best time of your life… and she will do it all with a smile on her face. You need a woman like Violet in your corner. Call us today to book her time.

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