In Las Vegas to Gamble? Enjoy it More With a Hot Babe on Your Arm

Las Vegas is well known as the gambling capital of the world. People travel to the ‘Sin City’ from across the globe to enjoy games from the traditional games of chance such as craps and Russian roulette to the addicting nature of a variety of slots games. You can also bet on your favorite sports teams, regardless of where they are being played, right there within the comfortably air conditioned interior of your favorite casino.

Amp Up Your Fun

You can make your experience in Las Vegas even better than you imagined possible. Winning is more fun when you have a babe with drop-dead gorgeous looks standing by your side, cheering you on. Even those inevitable times when you lose your bets, a woman who is right there can help make the loss sting a little less, especially if you know you will be enjoying the many pleasures of her body later on in the evening, and well into the night, if you desire her to do so.

Keep the Adrenaline Flowing

That time frame right after you finish gambling can result in a crash of your adrenaline. This often leads to something called the ‘Day After Effect.’ Though it notoriously affects kids the day after a big holiday, such as Christmas, when all the anticipation and buildup to the big day has passed, adults are not immune to its effects either. That euphoric high that you feel when you are gambling and winning can result in a wicked crash if you do not have something else, such as a night of nonstop fun with a stacked blonde, to look forward to after you stop playing the ponies.

Make the Night Last

Whether you are a gambler who gets your fix in during the morning hours so you can take a break before hitting the tables again or you like to go all day and stay until dinner time, having a gorgeous woman on your arm makes the whole trip a hundred times better. She can be there to cheer you on, bring you your favorite drinks and snacks and even massage your shoulders when you are feeling tense. At the end of your day, wind down with a relaxing dinner before retiring to your room to celebrate your victories – or work out your frustrations – as the case may be, with your escort’s experienced fingers making your feel like a winner whether you cleaned out the casino or not.

Enjoy the Shows

The flamboyancy of the shows in Vegas is legendary. From top stand-up comedians to the famous dancing women who seem to have endless legs, you are sure to find something that strikes your fancy. When the show is over, head back to your room and enjoy your own private show from your escort. Whether your fantasies involve a bit of dress-up or you are more of a strip tease kind of guy, your escort can feed your need for entertainment for as long you want her to do so.

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    I really think that the best escorts in the world are in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easy to find a hot escort. I’ll be the first to admit that Ive hung out with plenty of escorts when Ive been in Vegas, but like I said its not easy getting a super hot one. Its not like it wasn’t fun, but when you’re paying top dollar for a girl you want something ho as hell. Ive booked a couple times through and have never been disappointed. Most have been pretty hot with one being super hot. Ill probably say to I am done with escorts in Vegas but thats probably a lie lol

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    Do you reely need a girl with you when your in Vegas gambling? That seems a little absurd, but I guess some guys need that. Ive definitely been someone to hit up an escort first thing when Im all alone at night in Vegas, but definitely never felt the need to have one “Around my arm” when im gambling. Whatever. Everyone has different preferences I guess!

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